Nvidia Driver naming: confused

Leo Noordhuizen leo.noordhuizen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 12:57:13 UTC 2012


I have hold back asking the following question but it am very curious about

I am running UBUNTU 11.10 with a Nvidia based graphics card.
Over the past time (years ?) I have seen discussions about the nv and
'nouveau' drivers.

However when I open 'additional drivers' from System Settings I get 2
choices which seem identical:

   - NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver [recommended]
   - NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver [post-release updates]

The descriptions with these drivers are identical...

Which driver is this ? NV ? Nouveau ?
Both ? One of them and the second with the latest bug-fixes ?

If I have overlooked information which could have prevented this question I
should like to know where that info is...

I hope *somebody* can clarify this.

Thanks, Leo Noordhuizen - Eindhoven - The Netherlands
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