Is nouveau default nvidia driver?

Art Edwards edwardsa at
Thu Apr 5 12:27:15 UTC 2012

On 04/05/2012 02:23 AM, Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Art Edwards wrote:
>> After an update from a version with the proprietary driver, I found
>> nouveau was there instead. Is the the ubuntu policy?
> Well, Ubuntu policy is to prefer nouvau to proprietary, but not to
> replace one with the other without your say-so.
> What did you upgrade? It could be that the proprietary driver wasn't
> compatible with one of the new things and so you've fallen back to
> noveau.
This was a dist-upgrade from maverick to natty. I should point out that
nouveau rendered the system unusable for the better part of a day, on a
day I couldn't afford to lose. When I finally was able to diagnose the
problem, I was able to re-install the nvidia driver without removing any
other packages. Given the  persistent bugs in nouveau, perhaps the
system should fall back to the nv driver.

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