cron syntax (leafnode)

Thufir hawat.thufir at
Sun Apr 1 22:34:24 UTC 2012

I want leafnode to run every 65 minutes, or perhaps every hour at 23 
minutes past, or something along those lines.  I *think* this is the 
cronjob to fetchnews:

thufir at dur:~$ nl /etc/cron.d/leafnode
     1	# Cron entries for Leafnode.
     2	# Run /etc/news/leafnode/do-fetch-news every hour.
     3	8 * * * *  news if [ -x /etc/news/leafnode/do-fetch-news ]; then /
etc/news/leafnode/do-fetch-news; fi
thufir at dur:~$ 

on line 3, I was about to turn that 8 into */65, but that can't be 
right.  I thought that the first number was the interval:

but fetchnews is running every hour.  I wouldn't really want it to run 
every eight minutes, and I don't htink it does.  I receive periodic 
messages that leafnode fails, so I want to send it at odd times.



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