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AV3 arvimide at
Fri Sep 30 22:29:24 UTC 2011

On Sep/30/2011 11:4356 AM, Amedee Van Gasse wrote:
> On Thu, September 29, 2011 19:03, Pastor JW wrote:
>> There was one once, it was just totally ruined by it users to the point it
>> was shut down.  That is also a real danger here in this list.  There are
>> people who work and I mean work hard at trying to destroy this list like
>> they did the sounder one. Too bad they don't put as much effort into
>> something constructive but that seems not an option for any of the
>> world's vandals.
> In short: there are people on this list that are intent on shutting it
> down. They do this by wreaking so much havoc that the SABDFL has no other
> choice than to shut it down.
> That sounds a bit too Machiavellistic...

i couldn't agree more. I myself have contributed OT-messages, but I did 
it as a courtesy to those I thought would want to avoid them. I replied 
to an OT remark in a message not marked OT, so eliminating messages 
marked OT will not eliminate the provocative snide remark in an 
otherwise appropriate message. I have never perceived malice toward the 
group in any OT thread or remark.

>> Yes it does because people ALWAYS feed the trolls. evidenced by
>> these threads which have hundreds of pure noise replies.  This one will
>> become yet another noisy rant in a matter of minutes.  What is there
>> now, six of these run on threads taking up the resources of this list?
>>   ...seems like more every day.
> It doesn't matter much. If you use proper mail client with threading then
> you can just collapse the entire thread and mark it as read.

Right again. I have enjoyed this list and I joined it after tiring of 
another where daily bullying and invective poisoned an otherwise helpful 
and knowledgeable group. This helpful and knowledgeable group has had 
friendly banter, properly marked OT, and I will be sorry to see it go in 
the face of a demand for more rigor. The worst offense in this list was 
an elderly incompetent, whose bad advice was immediately corrected, 
sometimes with understandable impatience. As a beginner, I learned from 
his mistakes.


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