Shuttleworth (SABDFL) wants to shutdown this ubuntu.user list

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Thu Sep 29 13:01:28 UTC 2011

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 4:44 AM, Mihamina Rakotomandimby <mihamina at
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> On 09/29/2011 03:48 AM, NoOp wrote:
>> Shuttleworth states that they should just shut the Ubuntu users list
>> down (Mark Shuttleworth is 'sabdfl'[1]:
> We can be faster than one man.
> Let's subscribe and use Group
> Current email address:
> ubuntu-list at
> Dare?
> I have always very much appreciated the suggestions, advise, and even a few
> reprimands from the knowledgeable members of this forum. Yes, there are
> people that just want to hijack threads to meet a personal agenda, but I've
> learned to ignore them. I agree with those that think that Canonical is
> making an error in judgement at entertaining the closing of this list, but
> in reading these recent threads on the topic, wondered - why don't we (the
> community of users who really _use_ this list for its intended purpose)
> simply take it somewhere else? Is Google groups a viable option? What about
> a hosted forum (I'm a [paid] supporting member of two other forums that are
> moderated and seem to run quite well). Do the members here need to have
> Canonical's blessing to run such a group/forum? I for one would feel
> somewhat lost without this list (although I'm sure the resolution to most
> problems could/would be found elsewhere), but the technical issues aren't
> the only reason for my being on this list. I learn from many of the threads,
> and find that many others do as well. I would hope that Canonical would see
> that. If they don't, I'm ok with the list just relocating off Canonical's
> universe to another location, but it would be sad to see it happen. If the
> support for the distro falls apart, I suspect that it won't be long before I
> and (I would guess) many others would be looking into an alternate
> distribution of Linux to run their systems from. I've enjoyed running Ubuntu
> since version 4, but without support for any product, current users (not
> experts mind you) will migrate elsewhere, and new users will simply stop
> coming, relegating Ubuntu to the equivalent of the elephant graveyard.
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