How to control console resolution

Harry Putnam reader at
Thu Sep 29 12:13:44 UTC 2011

How does one control the resolution shown in text/console mode?

I have a monitor that seems to have no means to adjust the viewable
area.  An older samsung LCD.  the settings menu appears not to offer
any means to make viewing size adjustments like my old crts did.

The default text/console resolution means the first 3 characters on
any line are off the viewable area and when the console becomes full,
moving the prompt to the bottom, half the prompt line is below the
visible area.

I see no way to adjust it on the hardware so how can I adjust it with
OS tools? Perhaps some edit to grub.cfg or can it be done dynamically
once the OS is running?

The stuff I've googled up with stings like:
 `ubuntu set resolution console'

Turns up plenty of tips but they all revolve around grub, not grub2
which is the default on 11.4.

Its not at all clear how to translate those kind of things to grub2.

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