how to boot/run in text console only

Harry Putnam reader at
Thu Sep 29 12:03:24 UTC 2011

I've attempted to make an ubuntu install an all text console machine
by removing as much of xorg as seemed to need it.

Also wondering if anyone knows, if in the circumstance of X-less
machine it would be safe to remove all pkgs with x11 in there name.

(I've inlined a list of those remaining pkgs at the end)

I may do some developement but not for X related software.  I just
want to make sure that if I remove all those x11 named pkgs, I won't
suddenly be missing important tools and libraries I might need even in
X-less machine environment.

aptitude search x11 |grep ^i

i   brltty-x11                      - Access software for a blind person using a
i   dbus-x11                        - simple interprocess messaging system (X11 
i   libx11-6                        - X11 client-side library                   
i   libx11-data                     - X11 client-side library                   
i   libx11-dev                      - X11 client-side library (development heade
i   libx11-xcb1                     - Xlib/XCB interface library                
i   pulseaudio-module-x11           - X11 module for PulseAudio sound server    
i   x11-apps                        - X applications                            
i   x11-common                      - X Window System (X.Org) infrastructure    
i   x11-session-utils               - X session utilities                       
i   x11-utils                       - X11 utilities                             
i   x11-xfs-utils                   - X font server utilities                   
i   x11-xkb-utils                   - X11 XKB utilities                         
i   x11-xserver-utils               - X server utilities                        
i A x11proto-core-dev               - X11 core wire protocol and auxiliary heade
i A x11proto-input-dev              - X11 Input extension wire protocol         
i A x11proto-kb-dev                 - X11 XKB extension wire protocol           
i A x11proto-xext-dev               - X11 various extension wire protocol       

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