[ADMIN] Additional moderator(s) sought for ubuntu-users list

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Wed Sep 28 18:42:59 UTC 2011

Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
>> In all seriousness, I don't particularly care if the list is
>> moderated, left alone or shut down.  I merely act as Devil's
>> Advocate, seeing that differing opinions aren't very forthcoming from
>> the rest of the list.
> So, in summary, nobody is particularly opposed to the idea of
> moderation and through you feigning that stance for the sake of
> discussion we've unearthed several people supportive of it.

	That's what I gather, as I posited in my reply to Cybe's comment (above).
	I wonder, if a poll (for/against moderation) was setup somewhere; how 
many of us would bother to go & vote? Not that it needs to be done; we 
are all aware that this list already has moderator. Alan just needs help...

> So we can stop talking about whether to moderate it or not and instead
> talk about who will moderate it?
	Hear Hear! Avi, you up for the task? So far Amedee and I would vote for 

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