Nvidia driver problem

Jon Anderson jbander at izoom.net
Mon Sep 26 18:21:23 UTC 2011

On 26/09/11 16:41, Ric Moore wrote:
>/  On 09/26/2011 01:10 AM, Jon Anderson wrote:
/>>/  There is a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but there is no driver listed in it.
/>>/  So should I still
/>>/  sudo nvidia-settings
/>>/  ... then you'll be able to save the settings and it will write an
/>>/  xorg.conf file for you, to make them permanent
/>>/  Or will that just overwrite the xorg.conf file that I might need for
/>>/  something else
/>/  Right now, I'd go with that and let it re-write your xorg.conf file.
/>/  Otherwise, you might have to check your bios, as I mentioned, to see
/>/  if you have the onboard video adapter enabled so it's just not
/>/  completely seeing your nVidia card. The onboard video does need to be
/>/  ~disabled~ so there is no conflict between the two.
/>/  With your model number and a google, there should be someone out there
/>/  that has experienced what you are going through and might have a
/>/  remedy for it.  Or, remove the nVidia card and do what you can with
/>/  that builtin chip set. An eMachine can be hell to deal with. Ric

As NoOp, I believe, pointed out, one can only create the xorg.conf file
once you have the driver from nVidia site installed and not the
fiddled-with driver from the ubuntu repo because no xorg.conf is auto
created now.

To see if the fully functional nVidia driver is installed (from the
nVidia site) go into the directory /usr/lib and you should see the
following 2 files (assuming here that the latest nVidia driver for your
video card is 280.xx, say):

libGL.so.280.13     and


I HAVE NEITHER FILE but in my NVIDIA control panel I have 270.41.06 listed under x server information ,If that means anything

If you don't see these, or see some other numbers after the *.so, then
you do NOT have the fully functional nVidia driver installed and cannot
create the xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 and more than probably have the
noovoodoo driver installed.

Of course for the nvidia card 5000 series the legacy driver which has to
be installed is 173.xx and NOT the latest and greatest (in fact trying
to install the latest and greatest will result in an error message).

I just thought that you may want to know this.... :-) .


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