asking for login name on install

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Mon Sep 26 14:24:51 UTC 2011

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>>>> I am trying to install Natty on an older Acer desktop.  When I I try
>>>> the program to see if things work I get a login screen which asks for
>>>> a login name.  I have no idea what login name to use.  I have
>>>> installed Ubuntu 12 times or more and never had this happen.  I
>>>> checked the disk for defects.  This happens whether I use a USB or CD
>>>> that I burned.  I even downloaded Natty again just this morning.

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> When I try to install it says general error mounting file systems

I'm not an expert on such matters but you said "I am trying to install 
Natty on an older Acer desktop".  Maybe the hard drive is getting ready 
to die (or already is unusable) ?  Is there any way of checking the 
integrity od the hard drive before installation?

Bill Stanley

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