Nvidia driver problem

Jon Anderson jbander at izoom.net
Mon Sep 26 05:04:32 UTC 2011

I did do baby steps... if the xorg.conf file ain't right, nothing
happens. So, I asked if the attempt was made. Then what happened? You
know, the usual.

But, if his system doesn't want to allow that nVidia card to work, ala
eMachine, it's gonna be tougher. I feel the OP's pain though. But,
without that edit to xorg.conf, jockey will correctly report that though
the driver is loaded, and it's not being used because xorg.conf didn't
tell the system to use it. Simple. When he cut and pasted his copy it
showed nvidia wasn't being used. Ergo, it ain't and won't be used until
the edit makes it happen.>>IMHO<<
:/) Ric

I have now copied it down three times what was in the 
///etc/X11/xorg.conf there is no driver listed, so there is nothing to 
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