Need used video card

Ric Moore wayward4now at
Sun Sep 25 03:14:53 UTC 2011

On 09/24/2011 02:40 PM, Jon Anderson wrote:
> At no one, of course. I call obvious troll with imaginary problem
> which, had it been real, would have been fixed by at least two of the
> responses from 'confrontational' people.
> Cybe R. Wizard
> No you simply wrong, I came in here with a real problem and if there was
> a lack of communication it was my fault ,my fault
> being that I didn't understand what was said or and my lack of knowledge
> of the unabridged language of Linux but I have to assume that
> a lot of people come in here with the same lack of linuxetiquette. If my
> reception here was a consistent example, They could be treated better.

Lord no. Everyone new gets bruised a bit they learn. We're pretty 
much equal opportunity here with regards to handing out "tough love".

> -- By the way I have tried everyone of the responses and I still have
> the problem.

It then helps ~greatly~ if you report what you tried from our 
suggestions and the result. I would ask a third time, if you edited 
xorg.conf as mentioned and logged out and back in, ... but I recently 
had cardiovascular surgery and don't want to pop a blood vessel and die 
or go blind and/or insane.

So, get a thick skin and we'll get you into great shape in no time. If 
we didn't "love you" we wouldn't bother. It's not like anyone gets paid, 
so you'll get as many "curmudgeons" as you will "sweethearts". Come to 
think of it, it's pretty much like that "out there". :)

So, assuming that everything tossed at you didn't work, (and since you 
didn't TELL us, we don't know) then we must press you into going into 
your bios setup at boot.

I have no clue what key combination invokes that on your machine, but 
there should be some dialog at the very start of the boot that tells you 
how. Usually it'll be hitting the "del" key or F1 or something.
Whatever... get yourself into it (read the manual as a last resort).

Look around until you find something like video chipset support or 
on-board video support. If it's turned on, turn it off. Save that 
configuration and reboot. The boot process will not give an IRQ to the 
onboard video and your nvidia card will claim it's place. Hopefully you 
will have video, after a flicker or two, and boot into a nice login 
screen. You may still have a few issues, but it will be with the nVidia 
card setup and not your onboard ATI chipset.

LET US KNOW... Come to think of it, your manual should tell you how to 
add a video card and exactly what to do. Ric

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