Windows 8's use of the UEFI Secure Boot

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Sat Sep 24 14:08:22 UTC 2011

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> Then that is my secondary hard drive and my primary has Ubuntu on it :D

If what I read about it is correct, it will be in the firmware of the 
motherboard.  The motherboard will go there FIRST before even looking at 
the hard drives.  The small program (remember it is firmware on the 
motherboard) can't be modified and it will allow booting only from the 
boot sector on the first hard drive.  The hard drives boot loader will 
be digitally signed to match a password on the motherboard UEFI program. 
  It's supposed to allow booting from only the original, factory 
installed hard drive.  To get an alternate hard drive, you will have to 
beg the original supplier to give you the key to the digital lock. 
Maybe installing an alternate OS will not be impossible but it will make 
it a huge PITA.  Also booting from removable media will also be 
prohibited by UEFI.

Bill Stanley

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