Kubuntu 11.04 : wireless repeatedly disconnecting after a few seconds

Nicolas Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Fri Sep 23 18:24:50 UTC 2011

Le 23/09/2011 17:16, Ioannis Vranos a écrit :

> A note regarding Slackware vs Ubuntu. Slackware is maintained by
> hobbyists (not a bad thing), while Ubuntu is an enterprise-level
> distribution (that is very reliable among other things).
Slackware is a commercial distribution, extremely stable and mature, 
maintained basically by Patrick Volkerding, Eric Hameleers, Robby 
Workman and Piter Punk. First version came out in 1993. Like the Nutella 
ad here says in France. Eighteen years of experience makes all the 
difference. Latest bugfix for BIND was included back to Slackware 8.1, 
published ten years ago.

> For those interested, another enterprise-level, mission critical Linux
> distribution, is Scientific Linux, which is the Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux source code, recompiled (and thoroughly retested for use in
> Fermi and CERN).

I know RHEL and spinoffs quite well. Even published a 530-page 
administration bible about CentOS: http://tinyurl.com/no254g ("Kiki 
Novak" is my pen name). And I just installed two Oracle Linux servers 
for ASF, the company that builds the motorways here in France.
> So in summary, the two Enterprise-level, mission-critical Linux
> distributions I recommend, are Ubuntu and Scientific Linux.

Ubuntu, though sponsored by Canonical, is based 90% on Debian, which is 
after all a volunteer project :o)

That being said, all the mentioned distributions are in my Top Four list 
of Linux distributions. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, but 
basically I love working with them. (Though if I have to do 
bullet-proof, I'll choose Slackware anytime :o))))))


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