Is it possible change 11.04 program list as 10.10?

Rashkae ubuntu at
Sun Sep 18 16:14:31 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 07:27 AM, Florian Diesch wrote:
> Rashkae<ubuntu at>  writes:
>> The gnome shell fallback is a poor excuse to replace Gnome 2, with the
>> applets gone, and no ability to customize the 'panels'...
> This seems to be a common misconception. But it's just that you need to
> use Alt-Leftclick instead of just Leftclick to  configure the panel or
> add/remove applets.

Allright, it looks as though I'll have to spend more time with Gnome 3 
fallback before I can opine on the subject.  Unfortunately, my first day 
with Gnome 3 sent me running screaming in the opposite direction.  I've 
created a very.... familiar desktop by combining XFCE, compiz, gnome 
bits (Nautilus, gedit, EOG, Volume control, etc) and Docky.  
Unfortunately, there is no distro that comes close to such a desktop out 
of the box.  Ubuntu 11.04 was the last and only that came close.

Still, whatever Desktop you like, I think Ubuntu remains the most 
polished base to start from.

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