Is it possible change 11.04 program list as 10.10?

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sun Sep 18 10:24:27 UTC 2011

Rashkae wrote:
> I've got my own opinion of that, obviously... but I honestly wasn't 
> trying to bash Gnome 3 here.  I can see the value for some people 
> certainly, even if I don't count myself.  However, suggesting that
> gnome 3 fallback could be a substitute for Gnome 2.... I have to
> respectfully disagree there.

Oh yes, of course - there should really have been a few 'I think's and
'I feel's in there :)

Anyway, I don't think it's the case that there's been some discussion
anywhere about how to cater for people who prefer Gnome 2 which has
come to the decision that they need Gnome 3. The two are just
incompatible, so if you're using Gnome 3 somewhere (to power Gnome
Shell or Unity post-11.04), then you're not using Gnome 2 there. The
decision to use Gnome 3 for things makes some sense given the abandoned
nature of Gnome 2  - whoever decides to stick with it will need to
maintain it themselves.

But, like I say, it took a little bit of work to install the extensions
(sort-of reminiscent of using any DE seven or eight years ago) and I've
now got Gnome 3 acting as I'd expect Gnome 2 to; the alt-tab behaviour
is still a bit weird, but I've got used to it. But I've got an
applications menu which matches the old one, I can add shortcuts to the
not-really-a-panel across the top and and my workspaces don't disappear
as soon as there's no windows on them (which, I know, shouldn't be a

I've not started using Gnome 3 out of some desire to be modern (I use
Debian...) but precisely because I figured that at some point I was
going to have to stop using Gnome 2 and I might as well eye up the
alternatives now, while I can still resort to Gnome 2. I'm pretty
pleased with how Gnome 3 has turned out for my sort of use-cases. But,
no, I've not got desktop shortcuts (I didn't realise anyone actually
used those) and I can't autohide the panel, or put widgets on it. Yet.


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