Is it possible change 11.04 program list as 10.10?

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sat Sep 17 23:28:35 UTC 2011

Rashkae wrote:
> The gnome shell fallback is a poor excuse to replace Gnome 2, with
> the applets gone, and no ability to customize the 'panels'...If you
> don't wan to use either Gnome shell or Unity, you would be much
> better off installing XFCE as a gnome replacement.

Having used Gnome3 for some time now, with the extensions I needed to
unbreak the most baffling of design decisions, I've got to say that
I think Gnome is still far and away the least rubbish of the Linux DEs
(certainly of the three I've used recently - Gnome 3, KDE4, XFCE). 

*nobody* is managing polished and entirely working because as soon as
they get anywhere near that and actually have themselves a content
userbase, they feel the need to sack it and start again.

As soon as XFCE gets anywhere near consistency, stability and
feature-completeness (and, let's face it, they've some way to go) I'm
sure they'll also do a Gnome3/KDE4/Unity/whatever.


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