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R Kimber richardkimber at
Fri Sep 16 20:55:25 UTC 2011

On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 12:31:29 +0100
Avi Greenbury wrote:

> In short, pick a big directory, move it to another partition and
> symlink to it is generally the most pain-free way to do it, but is
> probably not the ideologically purest way of doing it :)
> It's safest to boot into single-user when you do it, though, to make
> sure you'll not be annoying anything by pulling /usr out from
> underneath it.

GivEn my kEyboard problEm, rEportEd in othEr thrEad, I wish I'd donE it
this way now!

- Richard
Richard Kimber
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