file system type = extended not able to mount

Chris du Preez chris at
Thu Sep 15 07:55:09 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> In my gparted it is showing me following partitions
> /
> /dev/sda1 fat16
> /dev/sda2 ntfs
> /dev/sda3 ntfs
> /dev/sda4 extended
>    /dev/sda5 linux-swap
>    /dev/sda6 ext4
> unallocated unallocated
> sda5 and sda6 are in dropdown list of sda4
> I have windows7 installed on sda3, ubuntu 10.10 (upgrated to 11.04) on sda4 
and new ubuntu 11.04 on sda6.
> The problem is I am not able to moutn sda4 on my ubuntu 11.04 which is on 
>  when I checked in gparted sda4 says "Busy (At least one logical partition 
is mounted)" in its status information. I have lots of data on this drive, and 
I want to read all that data.
> Kindly help me


/dev/sda4 is an extended partition. You can not mount an extended partition. 
The thing is, there can only be 4 primary partions on a hard drive. The forth 
partition is an extended partition where you can have more primary partitions.
 What most probably happened was when you installed 11.04 it created an 
extended partition from sda4, I doubt you will be aible to retrieve any info 
that was on ext4 before it became an extended partition. You will have to use 
your backups.


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