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Wed Sep 14 19:35:30 UTC 2011

R Kimber wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Sep 2011 15:57:10 +0100
> Tony Arnold wrote:
>> You may be able to juggle things around using gparted from a booted
>> Ubuntu live CD. If you can make space just above the /usr partition,
>> gparted can extend the partition into this space.
>> If there is a partition in use next to the /usr partition, then you may
>> be able to shrink it, move it up and then extend the /usr partition into
>> the free space created.
> Thanks.  I thought about using gparted, but wondered if making changes at
> that level would screw up the UUIDs and thus the mounting.
> Basically, I have (don't ask me why!):-
> sda5: empty
> sda6: /var, which is only 30% used
> sda7: /usr
> The ideal would be to delete sda5 and to use the space to extend sda7
> but can this sort of thing be done on an existing system? Wouldn't that just
> screw everything up? Or could I work out the new UUIDs and simply edit
> fstab and live happily ever after?  Presumably I would need to do this from
> the live CD.
> - Richard.

	'Course, you could boot off the live CD, then use gparted to just 
shrink sda5 to near-nothing, move sda6 over & shrink if you choose. Then 
you should end up with space to grow sda7...
	Since no partitions were deleted, no changes to fstab (or anything else 
hard-coded to a specific sda device) need be done....

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