Failed Firefox connection

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Wed Sep 14 15:38:13 UTC 2011

> Try to test ping
>> ping
> See what happen.


>> Hi,
>> My taskbar shows that I have an internet connection but Firefox isn't able
>> to connect with the internet lately.
>> Don't know if this happened after I installed a DVD copying program.
>> Any suggestions as to how to get Firefox connecting again?
>> Thunderbird also cant connect.

The fact that two separate programs are having Internet connectivity problems 
indicates that it isn't a problem with Firefox or Thunderbird but is something 

  It was suggested that you try ping.  This is a good starting point for finding 
a problem.  Use the console for the ping test because I found that the GUI tools 
(specifically "Administration/Network Tools") sometimes give inaccurate results.
   If the ping test failed look to make sure that the network cable to the modem 
is not loose (this should be an obvious place to look) also make sure that all 
the cables for the modem are also good.  That should cover the PHYSICAL parts of 
the internet connection.   If the ping test succeeds then there might be some 
setting in the OS that has been changed.  (You say that Firefox and Thunderbird 
previously worked.) I'll leave the other details up to someone more knowable on 
network matters.

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