Failed Firefox connection

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Wed Sep 14 09:26:32 UTC 2011

On 14/09/11 18:33, Alan Duval wrote:
> Hi,
> My taskbar shows that I have an internet connection

What exactly on your "taskbar" is showing that you have internet connection?

Or is it that whatever in on your taskbar is simply showing that your 
computer is connected to the modem - but has nothing to do with being 
connected to the internet.

> but Firefox isn't able to connect with the internet lately.
> Don't know if this happened after I installed a DVD copying program.

Why should installing a DVD copying program have anything to do with 
connecting to the internet? What are your reasons for concluding this 
and asking this question?

> Any suggestions as to how to get Firefox connecting again?
> Thunderbird also cant connect.

Inability to connect to your ISP is usually caused by having incorrect 
settings - including account name and password - in your modem's 
configuration or the wrong settings in your Firefox and Thunderbird 
configuration. Have you checked these out to ensure that they are correct?


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