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Wed Sep 14 07:41:35 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-09-14 at 15:42 +1000, Basil Chupin wrote:

> I am sure that you would be aware that in the list of servers for the 
> s/ware the default setting is the main server for Ubuntu, but you can 
> then either select a mirror of your choice or allow the system to give 
> you a list of the most EFFICIENT servers for you to access - and you 
> then select the one you feel most comfortable with. But you know all 
> this......

Just learned something new. Mint disables the updates button in
synaptic. I had to edit a file in /etc to fix that one. But it STILL
chugs along looking in all of the dark corners of the Internet for
TRANSLATIONS that fails to hit and stalls doing it. I'm afraid I will
have to pound a stake in it's crufty little heart, then watch it for a
couple of days to make sure it's really dead. Formatting it's partition
will be too good for it.  

>From what I've read they have issue with "users" (read lusers) allowing
kernel updates and what not to occur. 

Sheeeeeit. I won't stand for nanny treatment, nosirree... even if they
mean well. At some point I have to trust that the Ubuntu devel bunch has
a clue and mindlessly apply the updates that comes down the chute. Then,
if it messes up my install, I'll bitch about it, without having to
submit an "idea" to be voted on. 

I can't say that I'm in favor of Ubuntu killing off synaptic either. I
LIKE it and don't like the "package installer" thingie with all the pink
unicorns and sparklies and "vote on this" ala "Eddie, your friendly
computer" style. I've never been, and don't want to become, friends with
my computer, in any way. They are evil and I'm pure mean. I fixed my
Logitech mouse by pounding it with an industrial flashlight, as that was
the first heavy blunt object I could find. It works much better now,
thank you. 

I used to have a Red Hat 6.0 CD... where the heck did I put it?? Oh
yeah, ...the Ex got it. <swears-like-a-sailor> Ric

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