Oneiric not asking for password after suspend - which package to report?

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Sep 12 10:54:11 UTC 2011

On 12 September 2011 01:37, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> On 09/11/2011 06:04 AM, Colin Law wrote:
>> On Oneiric Beta one specifies whether a password needs to be entered,
>> if the screen is turned off following inactivity, in System Settings >
>> Screen.  However this also appears to control whether a password needs
>> to be entered following suspend.  I believe this to be a bug but it
>> appears to be impossible to file a bug unless one knows the package to
>> file it against.  Does anyone know which that would be in this case?
>> Colin
> I see no option to enter a password via System Settings|Screen.

It is the Lock button.  If that is on then it requests a password when
enabling the screen after it has been switched off following
innactivity.  But as I said this also seems to control whether a
password is requested on restarting after suspend.


> But then
> again, I can't get Oneiric to suspend at all (VirtualBox install)' all
> that I get is screen to enter my password & then it pops back to the
> desktop.

That sounds as if it is attempting to suspend but then re-starting
immediately (and asking for the password).  I suspect that if you
switch Lock off as above then it may not even ask for the password.

> Note: I'm only using 'GNOME Classic' and/or 'Unbutu 2D' as that
> is all that I can get working in VirtualBox. Are you using a VM, or do
> you have Oneiric installed on a partition/drive?

I am using 2D installed on a partition.

> These may be of help:

Not really.  The first says "If you're not sure which package is
affected by the bug, type ubuntu-bug in the "Run Application" window
and click Run. This will guide you through a series of questions to
gather more information about the bug."  Doing this brings up a dialog
that asks what kind of problem it is, selecting the option Other as
this does not fit any of the explicit suggestions (arguably one might
say that it is security related but I don't think this is really what
that option is for) just exits with a message telling me that I need
to specify a package or a pid, which is not very helpful.


Thanks, that is really helpful, I am sure I have looked at this in the
past but had not noticed the section on how to use
xprop WM_CLASS
to determine the executable for an app.  Using this I have determined
that System Settings > Screen is gnome-control-center so I will file a
bug against that.

It would be useful I think if the ReportingBugs page linked to this
one.  I suppose I should go and add it myself.  I have not contributed
to the wiki before so will have to find how to do it.

> You might want to look through:
> <>

The only related one seems to be
(Oneiric lacks screensaver configuration tool) perhaps if/when it gets
one the issue will go away.

Thanks again


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