Can't Update Ubuntu 11.04 64 Bit to Ubuntu 11.10 64 Bit

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Sun Sep 11 16:41:19 UTC 2011

First I'm new to the group and I'm not a programmer or System Administrator, any answers should be in "non-tech" please. I've had a computer for 19.5 years but until I found Ubuntu 11.04 it was "All MS-Dos & Windows"

I'm trying to upgrade From Natty to Oneiric and can't seem to use the standard online update method. This what I've tried (Please excuse the barebones approach of how I type this in I suck as a typist.

Command ran
alt+f2 bringing up the "Run Application"
update manage -d pressed enter.
got this message in return

Failed to open "/home/jim/update manager -d".

Error stating file '/home/jim/update manager -d':no such file or directory.

I'm using a 2.5 year old HP a6367 Pavillion with 8 gb ram and a AMD Opteron e9150 64 bit Quad core CPU.

I got to be fairly good at figuring Windows out it was just so damned buggy and when I finally found a Linux I could understand and that could use the Wi-Fi that clenched it. I kept Windows and run Natty in a 30GB partition for about 2 months. After that test period I nuked Windows! Ubuntu is running on a 640 GB Hard Drive.

There is no one to ask about Linux in my area (A "very" rural area in South Carolina, USA) to everyone around here Linux was the Little boy in the Peanut's Comics with the blanket. An operation system takes place in a hospital (No I'm not kidding) and as far as anyone around here understands MS Office is the only Office Productivity Software on earth since Lotus Smart Suite died. 

Any help you can give will be appreciated.

If more info is needed please let me know.


James R McKenzie

jimmckenzie at

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