port used by telepathy-salut

CA G Rajesh ca.grajesh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 02:43:29 UTC 2011

I am mailing from Ubuntu Natty. Recently, I got curious of Gnome3 and,
aiming not to affect this production system, I installed Fedora-15 on
another system.
Well, I must admit Gnome3 is fast and responsive. But, I had a problem.
I could not transfer files to other LAN systems using Empathy/Telepathy
Salut. I tried to trust the xmpp-client, mdns, presence services/ports -
still, no sucess. 
My seeking help at Fedora-IRC or their Users mailing list also could not
bring solution. Interestingly, disabling firewall allows file
transfer :)
Now, to the point. Just out of academic interest, what port handles this
file transfer? Can somebody enlighten me, please? I just want to know,
what did I miss :(
I am not sure, if I could discuss fedora here at ubuntu list. But, I
thought, telepathy-salut and IPtables are common to us both. Thanks in

CA G Rajesh, 
Dindigul, TN, India.
+91-451-242 4104

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