Transferring contacts from BlackBerry to Evolution

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On Sep 9, 2011 8:40 PM, <duplessis.hendrik965 at> wrote:
> Hi, I need help: I was on WindowsXP and saved my contacts on my BlackBerry
Curve. Ideleted Windows and installed Ubuntu 10.4 with Evolution for e-mail.
My question is: how can I copy the contact list to Evolution. Please do not
accept that I am computer litterate - I use my computer like I drive my car,
I know where the gas and brake pedals are, but do not know what goes on
under the hood.
> Hendrik
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Hi Hendrik,

I had a blackberry and found it extremely hard to sync with Ubuntu. I could
only backup my phone with an application called barry. Regarding your
contacts, if your phone has an option to export your contact list, you just
might be able to import it into evolution.

I will try and see if there is another way, but I can't guarantee anything.

Best of luck

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