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Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Thu Sep 8 16:16:36 UTC 2011

On 09/08/2011 09:38 AM, Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> 08.09.2011 16:09, Jim Byrnes:
>> Some mailers like to put on those annoying Part 1.2 attachments and
> That's probably not the mailer but rather the mailing list software
> which appends a signature with information about the list's
> administrativa at the bottom of each post. This signature is us-ascii
> encoded text/plain. Therefore, if the message itself has a different
> encoding (or even a different MIME-type), the list software cannot
> simply attach it but has to create a new MIME-part for it. The latter is
> what appears as a "Part 1.2" attachment in Thunderbird.

OK, thanks for the info, makes sense.

>> Thunderbird puts them at the bottom of the message which means I must
>> move the cursor to scroll the message if the previous or subsequent
>> messages are different.
> ? I don't understand what you're saying.

When Thunderbird receives a message with an attachment it displays a 
notification in a bar at the bottom of its window.  The bar takes up 
space thus "pushing" the viewing area up to accommodate the space the 
bar takes up.  When this happens the bottom scroll arrow is moved up 
above the bar.  I use a trackball instead of a mouse so it easy to 
position the cursor over the scroll arrow and as I cycle through the 
messages just tap the button if I need to scroll down.  When the bar 
appears the scroll arrow moves up and I must reposition the cursor to 
scroll. Not a big deal but annoying nonetheless.

Regards,  Jim

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