DVD Area Codes

sam tygier samtygier at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 14:28:50 UTC 2011

On 08/09/11 11:26, Graham Todd wrote:
> Is there a way to (for instance) rip a DVD for Rgion 1 and encode it
> to play it for Region 2 countries?
> I've recently been given a selection of DVDs by a friend whose DVD
> player no longer works, and who has moved house and anyway it's (the
> player) been left at the local neighbourhood rubbish dump.
> However all the DVDs are encoded to Region 1 (USA) whereas I need them
> to be playable on a Regional 2 DVD player (UK), although Region 0 (All
> Regions) would do just as well.  I am not seeking to break UK law,
> which if I understand correctly, allows somebody to copy their own DVDs
> (and not one he/she has borrowed, and which might be for a different
> Region) and play them in the UK.
> I know I can change the Region (if I can find the right codes for it),
> but I wondered if its possible to convert the Region when ripping the
> DVD, which gets round the step of changing the Region coded into the
> DVD player. Or is there some other easy way to accomplish this?
> All assistance through this list would be gratefully received, as
> would all assistance sent to my personal e-mail address.
> -- Graham Todd

Some computer DVD drives will refuse to read a DVD from other regions. you can use regionset to change the region of the drive, but usually only a small (~5) number of times. so you could change it to 1, rip the disks, write them as region 0 (no benefit in re-encrypting them), then set the drive back to 2. but you will not be able to repeat that more than a couple of times.

my solution is to have to DVD drives in my desktop, one always set to region 2, and the other to region 1.


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