Firefox not closing

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Sep 7 21:52:00 UTC 2011

On 09/05/2011 12:03 PM, scott wrote:
> I've had a problem with firefox lately. I close it and attempt to reopen 
> it sometime later and get a message that firefox is already running. I 
> have to do a "ps -e | grep firefox" to find the PID to kill it. It 
> usually shows 2 instances of firefox running, one with a 'defunct' tag. 
> I've renamed the .mozilla folder to .mozilla.old and it still happens, 
> even with no extensions at all.
I got those yesterday when checking FF. I've not been able to recreate
though (I use SeaMonkey as my primary browser/mail/news client). I have
also noticed that lately I've experienced instances of SeaMonkey still
existing if I shutdown SeaMonkey and then immediately start to shutdown
Ubuntu. I suspect that part of it is due to the new cache system Mozilla
are using (many individual cache folders instead of just one) & it takes
longer than usual to clean those out on FF or SM shutdown.

It's also possible that some instances may get stuck in memory cache as
well. Next time it does it I'll run memstat and see what is still there.

BTW: FF 7 should bring some help regarding memory - see:

I've been running SeaMonkey 2.4 Beta 1 which uses the FF 7 core, and so
far it's been fast & lean compared to 2.3.x.
Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:7.0) Gecko/20110904
Firefox/7.0 SeaMonkey/2.4

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