What program does local delivery?

Smoot Carl-Mitchell smoot at tic.com
Mon Sep 5 23:02:54 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-05 at 13:24 -0700, Knute Johnson wrote:
> What program does local delivery?  The sendmail.mc file says 
> MAILER(`local').  How do I figure out what program is actually being 
> used?  I want to change the destination where the mail is delivered.

On Ubuntu which is a Debian based system the local mailer
is /usr/sbin/sensible-mda.   This can be reconfigured by tweaking the
sendmail.mc file.  The line OSTYPE(`debian')dnl sets the local mailer by
including the /usr/share/sendmail/cf/ostype/debian.m4 file in to the
sendmail configuration.

See the sensible-mda man page for further details.

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