My mouse is driving me crazy

Jordon Bedwell jordon at
Mon Sep 5 01:40:31 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 09:34:37PM -0400, Ric Moore wrote: 
> Actually I had high hopes for it. I don't part with $15 unless I'm
> feeling optimistic about it. So, IT chose to not play nice, to start
> with. Then I tried the line of reasoning; "Human has blunt object in
> hand. Human will win, at all costs." with it. It got a little bit
> better, but begrudgingly so. 
> Now it waits until it can tilt the Warzone2100 battleground all over
> (right click will stick) and royally irritate me, causing me to use much
> foul language. Piece of Logitech crap. Smashing it to smithereens would
> be too good for it. I think that is what it wants, but I'm on to
> it.  :( Ric

ahaha I had that happen with my last mouse, I finally got WoW to
install on Linux and was playing it then the mouse decided it
doesn't want to right click anymore.  I had that mouse for almost 2
or 3 years though, I know it went through several computer changes.
For days I tried to fix it, I even took it apart and added duct
tape under there so it would kinda spring back.  Finally I had to
get a new mouse after a couple of days of trying.

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