How to bridge two Internet connection in Lucid

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It's not really a good idea. You can bind two nic's, sure. But they then
need to have one IP, one network, etc. which is configured on the virtual
network interface you end up with. You could setup a machine to act as a
router, and do some sort of odd aggregation, but really, this is a
phenomenally bad idea.  There are all sorts of networking implications.
Also, can it really be cheaper to get 512k from one provider, and 512k from
another provider? Why not get  1Mbps from a single provider and call it a
day? The only time it really makes sense to have two ISP's is when you need



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I want to bridge two Internet connection in lucid. In addition I want the to
have two connection bandwidth at a time. Like I have two DSL connection of
512kbps of different ISP or same ISP. Now I want to bridge these two
connection to enjoy 1mbps bandwidth. Is it possible, if it is then how?   

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