How to bridge two Internet connection in Lucid

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Fri Sep 2 13:51:32 UTC 2011

Hi there,

well, it _may_ be possible. You've got two options:

1) If you've got 2 DSL connections provided by the same ISP, it may be
possible to use multilink-ppp, which would bring you a total
connection speed of 1Mbps.

2) If you've got 2 DSL connections provided by two different ISP,
option 1) will not work. But you could use it either for failover
scenarios or for a loadbalancing based on traffic type. E.g. you route
all SSH-traffic via ISP A and HTTP-traffic via ISP B.

Regards, Tim

2011/9/2 Md Ashickur Rahman Noor <ashickur.noor at>:
> I want to bridge two Internet connection in lucid. In addition I want the to
> have two connection bandwidth at a time. Like I have two DSL connection of
> 512kbps of different ISP or same ISP. Now I want to bridge these two
> connection to enjoy 1mbps bandwidth. Is it possible, if it is then how?
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