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Thu Mar 3 13:03:57 UTC 2011

I'm searching for a method [on client side] to redirect to HTTPS in a few given domains.



Ok. I use several webbrowsers, and not all of them has "add-ons" to redirect these pages to https.

My purpose is this: when i go to "" i don't want to see any http traffic with wireshark

Is this possible?? How can i achieve it? How can i automatically redirect http traffic for given domain names to HTTPS??

is it enough to redirect http? I mean then the webserver [e.g.:] recognizes that i want to "talk" over HTTPS?

I has a caching-nameserver on my pc - BIND

I have an "ad blocking" proxy on my pc - PRIVOXY

And my pc is a "linux box" - IPTABLES [iptables only knows ip addresses?]

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