Went Back To Windows(R)...

Jeffrey Gray chevy4x4burb at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 09:56:50 UTC 2011

People who are trash Windows are generally just pro-alternative.  I
like alternatives.  I like open source.  MS has output some failures
but they have also had some that were not so bad.  I've ran windows 7
for my office machine as well as my laptop without a problem.  Have I
had a problem with Vista personally?  No...But being in IT I've
certainly seen my share of flaky machines that I did not have an
answer for except to say, "Hey, let's upgrade and get off of Vista",
and the quirks were gone.  Semi reminiscent of the ME days.

Myself, I may switch back to Windows for better support of
multi-display (more then 2).  I might fight with this box once again
and upon completion, Acronis image it off.  I am undecided.  I may
take the laptop and load Ubuntu.  I am undecided on that one.

As far as software development, my preference always has been to c++
and if I were developing for a MS environment, I'd virtualize for a
test bed.  Just my after thoughts...

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 3:45 AM, Jesse Palser <SLNTHERO at aol.com> wrote:
> On 7/28/2011 12:21 PM, Jesse Palser wrote:
>> Went Back To Windows(R)...
>> Hi,
>> Was using Linux for about 3 years.
>> First was Linux Mint, then Ubuntu(until Unity), and finally Xubuntu.
>> I've installed Windows(R) 7 Home Premium 64Bit onto my main computer
>> and I must say I am finally happy with it.
>> (its pretty, stable, powerful, and compatible with what I need to use)
>> Two things made me go back to Windows(R):
>> - Video games (many of the games I like don't work under Linux using Wine)
>> - Possible job in software development (they use Windows(R) & Microsoft
>> Visual Studio)
>> It was a good 3 years, so thank you...
>> Jesse "JeZ+Lee"
>> 16BitSoft
>> Video Game Design Studio
>> www.16BitSoft.com
> Hi,
> Been using Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 Home Premium 64Bit
> for a few days now on my main desktop computer system.
> It runs much better than Ubuntu did on same system.
> People who say Windows(R) is terrible
> without any knowledge of it are just being ignorant.
> The only thing I miss from Ubuntu is multiple workspaces.
> Thanks!
> Jesse "JeZ+Lee"
> 16BitSoft
> Video Game Design Studio
> www.16BitSoft.com
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