Went Back To Windows(R)...

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 22:35:06 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-07-30 at 22:57 +0100, Avi Greenbury wrote: 
> Ric Moore wrote:
> > That is the real world I think he alluded to. 
> What? He said nothing about the real world in the bit I was replying to:
> >On Sat, July 30, 2011 1:18 am, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >> In other words: Windows works with the hardware you have and you can
> >> buy hardware for it without worry, whereas with Linux you need to
> >> google and ask on forums before buying hardware. And if you already
> >> own hardware, you might just be out of luck with Linux in any case.  
> >> 
> > Somebody else said it better then me: "Since you're an idiot, yes"
> My understanding was that he felt Dotan was an idiot for finding that
> not everything Just Works. I'm not really sure quite what he was trying
> to get across, though, which was why I tried to ask for clarification.
> But then he went off on some other tangent noting that there's not
> much hardware built to be compatible with Linux.

I thought he was alluding to my older comment to the person trying to
get 4 monitors set up, where I claimed to be an idiot but I managed to
get 2 monitors working without any sweat. Sometimes even an idiot gets
lucky, right? Then we had the Windows Sux thread, and the point was made
that just about ALL vendors play nice with MS, so when someone else made
a point about switching back to windows so his kit would run correctly,
well if you have something that doesn't work with Linux, then switching
to Windows is pretty much a fool proof move. Even an idiot can make most
things work in Windows, ergo not a bad move if you are forced to by
circumstance of the lack of hardware support for the Linux's. 

But, the original "idiot" comment was made by me, describing myself.
Yes, even a caveman can do it, under Windows. Which is not a bad thing
for Windows users. It gets tough for us die-hard Linux users. I'm
happier than a garden slug in the spring time that my nVidia card always
seems to work and the tools I need are there and supported, for the
average idiot Linux user. So, I've got mine and am damn happy. :) Ric

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