Went Back To Windows(R)...

Jordon Bedwell jordon at envygeeks.com
Fri Jul 29 17:44:43 UTC 2011

On Fri, July 29, 2011 10:02 am, Jeffrey Gray wrote:
> Well, it works fine with windows.  two PNY 8800 cards on an Asus P6Q
> board.  Pretty straight forward.

I don't know if you missed it, but just in-case you did, Windows is not
Linux and Linux does not use DirectX. So your reference to Windows was
completely futile and irrelevant to Linux in general.  Hardware vendors
spend an enormous amount of time making sure their graphics cards work
flawlessly on Windows and with DirectX, yes they do care about Linux but
sometimes you need to make sure to pick out a graphics card that is
/known/ to play very well with Linux. Also, Asus P6Q?  I can't even help
you there because I've never heard of that board (and trust me I would
have heard about it if it is ASUS since I live and die by ASUS hardware)
by chance do you mean P6T? And if you do, then we are brothers in arms as
I still use that board! (I'm not taking the mick here) I refuse to get rid
of it because it's rock solid but I certainly would have gone with an ATI
graphics chip, but anybody who has ever read most of my posts knows I'm
also a die hard ATI fan.

> I am afraid that I am missing your point with the "Hot Wheels"
> statement?  Was that your attempt at being rude?

One cannot attempt to be rude, you either are rude or you are not. I was
being rude I won't deny that.  It was also an attempt to take the mick.
But (yes I like to lead with that word sometimes,) in my defense I was
truly amazed at your efforts to find such a small monitor because at every
one of my vendors you have to literally go out of your way and spend time
searching for the small monitors for a desktop, one of them won't even
carry anything under 23" unless it's attached directly to a laptop.  It's
like the hunt for that collectors edition Hot Wheels car.  Oh the

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