Went Back To Windows(R)...

Donkey Hottie donkey at fredriksson.dy.fi
Thu Jul 28 16:53:05 UTC 2011

28.7.2011 19:35, Jesse Palser kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> Just thought I would share my opinion that current Windows(R) is really
> not too bad.

Windows is great for desktop. I have used Linux since -94, but never on
desktop. However, one of my kids uses 10.04 as her desktop, and she's happy.

MSN, Facebooks, things like that work, but Windows games not.

I have a VMware Server on my Windows box, and virtual Linuces on that as
server. Works OK.

At work, I have a Proliant with WMware ESXi, lots of Linuces and one
Windows 2003 under it. Works great.

> Here is a screenshot of my new Windows(R) desktop:
> http://16bitsoft.com/images/Windows7HP64BitDesktop01.png

Nobody (I guess) is interested of some other people's desktops ;)


If two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it.
		-- Ernest Hemingway

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