[OT] Handling of suspicious emails

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Tue Jul 26 20:10:11 UTC 2011

On 07/26/2011 03:44 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> All of my internet activities take place on the Unbutu/Firefox 
> combination.  So is there any harm in just opening a suspect email to 
> verify that it is in fact something I want no part of?
> I ask because yesterday I almost sent an important email to the junk 
> folder because I mistook it for spam/scam.
> Regards,  Jim

I don't want to say "no" out of hand.  Theoretically, it is possible for 
a bug in Firefox that would allow a cross platform exploit to do some 
mischief.  However, I am not aware of any such running loose in the 
wild. (That is, I am not aware of any known exploits being used to harm 
Ubuntu computers that do not involve the user deliberately adding 
extensions / plugins to Firefox.) My advise would be to not worry about 
viewing e-mail you receive.

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