Audio CD Mount Point, 11.04, Unity, Artistx

Clint Tinsley clintin at
Sun Jul 24 00:33:03 UTC 2011

With 11.04 (Artistx version), when I insert an Audio CD, the only Application that seems able to actually play the CD is Rhythmbox although KsCD sees it and displays the contents of the CD (tracks, title, and time), however, pushing the play button doesn't play it. The other audio CD player applications I tried can't even see it. Issuing a mount command does not reveal a mount point for the CD although one would expect it to be in /media/cdrom, nothing there. Any thoughts on where the CD is actually mounted or how Rhythmbox, along with KsCD, is able to find it and Rhythmbox can play it where the other CD players are not able to. Without a mount point (which should exist), one cannot browse to it either, hence the mount question. 

 One other thing, in Unity, the CD is shown as an Audio Disk on the Desktop but looking in ~/Desktop reveals an empty directory.

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