Boot problem

Avi Greenbury lists at
Sat Jul 23 23:29:52 UTC 2011

kyan wrote:

> How can I see what is happening during the display of the splash
> screen during Ubuntu boot? The splash screen is displaying for a very
> long time with no change other than the orange and white dots
> alternating, and then it displays a plain black screen (with
> backlight). I am using Ubuntu 10.10. Thanks!

You can edit the command line in Grub (select the kernel you want to
boot, then hit 'e' to get to a command line). You need to append the
'nosplash' option to it, and then hit the right command to carry on the
boot process - I can't remember what it is in Grub 2, but I know it
says it on the screen when you're editing.


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