Help with WICD

don fisher hdf3 at
Sat Jul 23 20:37:06 UTC 2011

I have a problem with WICD starting the wired interface with static IP 
addresses. When I bring it up using DHCP, it works. When I use static 
IPs it fails.

If I run ifdown and then ifup on the port it suddenly springs to life 
(output below). Is there some file that WICD is denied access to? I 
think the data in my interfaces file matches what is in WICD.

sudo ifdown eth1
RTNETLINK answers: No such process
SIOCDELRT: No such process

sudo ifup eth1
ssh stop/waiting
ssh start/running, process 9435

The ps output related to process 9435 has a ? mark in it!
  153:4     0  9435     1  20   0  49312  2640 poll_s Ss   ? 
0:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D

Thanks for any help. This has been a real struggle for me.

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