how to format a usb hard drive for use with linux or windows

Ray Leventhal ubuntu at
Fri Jul 22 16:11:31 UTC 2011

On 7/22/2011 11:07 AM, glenn opdycke-hansen wrote:
> Is there a way to format an external hard disk that uses a USB connection?
> I want to format it from Ubuntu system and use it on either windows or linux.
> Thanks!
> I have been able to format it from Ubuntu and use it on linux, but
> unable to connect to the external storage from windows system.
> --glenn
While Ubuntu can read NTFS partitions using fuse, Windows can't work 
with EXT2/3/4 file systems without help.

When I'm forced to work with Windows and need access to EXT2/3/4 file 
systems, I use EXT2 Volume Manager [1].


Ray Leventhal

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