[OT] Linus Torvalds delays Linux 3.0 launch due to a subtle bug

Jordon Bedwell jordon at envygeeks.com
Wed Jul 20 19:53:43 UTC 2011

On 07/20/2011 02:30 PM, Ernest Doub wrote:
> More likely, based on this quote, that they would have to dump their entire 
> driver and start over again from scratch.

It's counterproductive to to dump your driver when your initial goal
needs to be to support Linux too or just have a big money product die.
It would be like if KVM decided to never support Windows or even attempt
to support Windows, in some way.  It just wouldn't have been as
successful as it was IMO because even I (as a sysadmin) know that some
of my clients will want virtualised Windows somewhere, sometime as
Microsoft knows that even they will eventually have clients who will
need to virtualise Linux too, actually last I heard that was the biggest
complaint about Microsoft virtualisation.

> Microsoft has finally been busted for using ideas/code developed by somebody 
> else and claiming as their own proprietary work.

And so have lots of other companies, like Cisco and Cisco subsidiaries,
IBM has been caught patenting somebody else's software ideas (from
almost a decade earlier) too, just to have the USPTO find the prior-art
and go ahead and give IBM the patent.  So it's ignorant to solely focus
on just Microsoft as if they are the root of the worlds evil.
Especially considering how old IBM is...  Hell, if I remember right it
was Linksys who switched from micro Linux on the WRT54G to other
firmware to avoid releasing their router firmware as required under the
GPL just to eventually release it because of surrounding legal pressure.
 I don't know if they moved back to Linux and GPL tools but I do
remember that whole fiasco kinda.

I'm no fan of Microsoft, ask anybody who has ever talked to me, but when
ignorance starts to shine over reality, somebody has to speak up and
mention that it's not just Microsoft doing this.

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