2.6.38 kernel not booting

Jens Müller blog at tessarakt.de
Sat Jul 16 21:39:29 UTC 2011

Am 16.07.2011 22:32, schrieb Jens Müller:
> Only the 2.6.35 from before the release upgrade to 11.04 works.
> The problem with (two versions of) 2.6.38 is: After I choose it from the
> grub menu, there is only a blue screen (not a bluescreen, but the same
> blue). Dunno why, or where it comes from. I'd have thought the grub
> config including all the nice graphic config would be installed
> everytime I run update-grub.
> 2.6.35 has a graphical display asking me for the password.

Thanks to advice from IRC, I edited the grub command line for the 2.6.38 
kernel. I still had the blue screen. But I now typed the crypt password 
blind. This lead to the kernel booting up. But I got no further than this:


(this is a real screen shot, at least of the interesting part).

Any further ideas?


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