iMac 27" with "Intel Core i5" and 11.04 gets very hot when 99% idle

Sven Aluoor aluoor at
Fri Jul 15 16:41:27 UTC 2011

Hi folks

I installed Ubuntu on iMac 27". I like it.
Only one problem, the iMac gets very hot (what was not the case with
Mac OS X). Please guide me howto solve this issue.

# sensors
Adapter: ISA adapter
ODD :       1303 RPM  (min = 1000 RPM)
HDD :       1310 RPM  (min = 1100 RPM)
CPU :       1353 RPM  (min =  940 RPM)
TA0P:        +26.8°C
TA0V:        +26.8°C
TA0p:        +31.8°C
TA1v:        +31.5°C
TC0C:        +50.5°C
TC0D:       +129.0°C
TC0H:        +47.0°C
TC0P:       +129.0°C
TC1C:        +50.0°C
TG0D:        +63.0°C
TG0H:        +61.0°C
TG0p:        +60.0°C
TH0O:         +1.0°C
TH0o:        +60.0°C
TH1O:         +1.0°C
TL0P:        +55.0°C
TL0V:        +51.8°C
TL0p:        +67.8°C
TL1V:        +50.5°C
TL2V:        +57.5°C
TLAV:        +55.2°C
TLBV:        +57.5°C
TLCV:        +51.8°C
TMCD:         +0.0°C

cheers Sven

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