video card recommendation ? [SOLVED, I think]

Bill Walton at
Wed Jul 13 15:08:15 UTC 2011

Just to close the loop....

The internal CD/DVD drive on the machine I've been trying to get
configured is broken so I'm using a USB drive to boot the Live CD.
That works fine on both 8.04 and 10.04.  Once installed on the
hard-drive though, 10.04 takes exception.

I've got 2 of these boxes and was trying to get the 2nd (the one with
the bad CD drive) configured with 10.04.  Couldn't, so I just swapped
hard-drives and 10.04 immediately started working on the 1st box,
running both monitors just fine. The video on the 2nd box, now running
8.04, wasn't working correctly either (only one monitor working after
boot and at very low res).  So I put a new video card (EVGA Geforce
430) in it but could not get it configured.  So I returned it, went to
ebay and found / bought a dup of the one that's working in the 1st
box.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks much for all the help.  I appreciate it very much.

Best regards,

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