ubuntu server 11.04

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Wed Jul 13 06:42:43 UTC 2011

Korves, Tim wrote:

> you could use any console-based editor like vi, vi-improved (vim),
> nano, pico, joe, etc.
> Just open the file with your preferred editor.
> <snip>
> vim /path/to/file.xml
> [ESC], :wq
> </snap>
> Hope this was the answer you expected.

Even as a Vim user I feel I should point out that vim is almost never
what is expected the first time someone needs to edit a file in the

It's a very good editor, but it's one that requires some learning.
Things take longer in, say, nano, but you're not at all likely to
accidentally save a file of garbage with it (unless your muscle memory
insists upon leaving vi commands all over the place :) )


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