pdftops eps font issue

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Mon Jul 11 21:10:07 UTC 2011

On Mon, 11 Jul 2011, Alberto Priore wrote:
> > > The 'EAAFD+' means that the font has been cut-down (subsetted)
> How can I tell to pdftops to do not cut fonts?

The program creating the PDF (Apache FOPS) is the component performing
the font subsetting.  It sounds like you have probably found a bug,
which I'd like to try and help get fixed for you.

Lets report it in the bug-tracker, so that we can debug it.  Could you
click the following link to create the bug report:


and attach a sample PDF file that is causing the problem to show

> > pdftops file.pdf -eps file.eps

To clarify, are you using 'pdftops' (from GhostScript) or 'pdftoeps'
(from Poppler/xpdf?).  They are completely separate commands and it's
necessary to know which the bug is likely to be in.


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